Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High


Bitcoin (BTC) price managed to set a new all-time high of $49,530 this Sunday morning. Rise is attributed to last week’s several positive news regarding the increased institutional acceptance of the leading cryptocurrency.

The latest in a row of companies that have shown increased interest in a top cryptocurrency is Counterpoint Global, Morgan Stanley’s $150 billion investment arm which is exploring taking a stake in bitcoin.

Other companies include Ark Investment Management which has recently enlarged its BTC position, BNY Mellon plans to start its own digital custody unit, Deutsche Bank plans to include a custody service for hedge funds investing in crypto assets, and Mastercard said they will start supporting select cryptocurrencies directly on their network.

It’s interesting to note, how all of these companies announced the news after the biggest crypto-related news this year – when Tesla said how they invested $1.5 billion into BTC, which sent price from $39.000 to $43.000 in a matter of hours.